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About Student Teachers

  • Your student teachers are all university students majoring in International Liberal Arts at Otemon Gakuin University in Osaka, Japan.
  • We are very confident and enthusiastic about teaching Japanese language and cultures to Japanese language learners overseas using every possible resorces including this web site and Skype links.
  • We are all here to learn by teaching.
  • Hinako Keita Nao Erina
  • Hakone Project! 箱根(はこね)プロジェクト!

    Please click me to watch a video presentation material.クリックして ビデオ プレゼンを 見(み)て ください。

    You can see how comfortable and relaxing it is to be in a hot spring especially during a cold winter season. 箱根(はこね)の温泉(おんせん)は最高(さいこう)!Hot spas in Hakone are the best!

  • Hiroshima Project 広島(ひろしま)プロジェクト
  • Please click here to watch a short video clip of Hiroshima.

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