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    Level 1: Beginner (No proficiency, just started to learn.)
    Level 2: Lower Elementary (Can say a few words and can understand some basic Japanese.)
    Level 3: Elementary (Can read Hiragana and Katakana. Can say/understand basic Japanese.)
    Level 4: Higher Elementary (Can write Hiragana and Katakana plus some Kanji. Can say/understand simple daily conversation.)
    Level 5: Lower Intermediate (Can be fluent in day to day conversation. Can read and write basic Japanese sentences.)
    Level 6: Intermediate (Can describe daily things and issues. Can read and write a simple story.)
    Level 7: Higher Intermediate (Can explain your ideas and opinions. Can write your ideas and opinions using simple sentences.)
    Level 8: Advanced (Can discuss issues and present ideas in public. Can compose an essay of about 200 letters.)
    Level 9: Highly Advanced (Can discuss issues based upon the reading of Japanese daily newspapers, magazines, and books. Can write a paper of about 400 letters.)
    Level 10: Mastery or Proficiency (Can use and teach Japanese in a professional level.)

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