CHAT-Box Room 1

CHAT-Box Room 1 is reserved for Kansai Gaidai Students majoring/minoring in English education.

CHAT-Box Room 2

CHAT-Box Room 2 is reserved for current English teachers.

CHAT-Box Room 3

CHAT-Box Room 3 is open to public.


About CHAT-Box

  • CHAT-Box is a public BBS (bulletin board system) for ESL learners and teachers.
  • CHAT-Box is a public chat room website where ESL learners and teachers can interact closely with one another for the purpose of English language learning/teaching.
  • CHAT-Box is open to public. Therefore, please be advised not to post any personal, private, and sensitive information such as your e-mail account, address, or any piece of information which could be used to identify and trace you back.
  • CHAT-Box privides JSL learners/teachers ongoing opportunities to ask questions, to have deeper insight into English language and culture, and to get to know new people with the same interest.
  • CHAT-Box is organized and operated by experienced teachers and enthusiastic students majoring in pedagogy at Kansai Gaidai University.
  • ESL learners/teachers are at the heart of everything we do.
  • We are committed to giving ESL learners/teachers authentic, high-quality, and original English language learning/teaching materials.

CHAT-Box Regulations

  • Welcome to CHAT-Box.
  • Please be sure to follow all the regulations below.
  • No immoral comments or posts that offend against public order and decency.
  • No name-calling, insults, or mockery of any sort.
  • Do not post any message that harass, insult, belittle, threatens, or flames others personally.
  • By using the CHAT-Box, you are agreeing to express yourself decently within the parameters of the rules.
  • By joining the CHAT-Box, you are agreeing not to be vulgar, divisive, insulting, profane, foul, etc.
  • You are highly expected to be respectful, be kind with your words and actions, and be on our best behavior in the CHAT-Box.